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Constitution & Bylaws define the organization's purpose, membership rules, and foster collaboration in science education.



Article I. Name
Section 1. The name of this organization is "Philippine Association of Physics and Science Instructors," hereafter referred to as "PAPSI."

Article II. Purpose
Section 1. To encourage education in the sciences and dissemination of scientific information through the Philippine Association of Physics and Science Instructors facility.
Section 2. To achieve closer cooperation and understanding between science teachers, so that they may work together in the common cause of furthering science.

Article III. Bylaws
PAPSI shall establish bylaws concerning the organization and procedures to be followed.

Article IV. General Prohibitions
Notwithstanding any provision of this Constitution or the Bylaws which might be susceptible to a contrary interpretation:
1. PAPSI shall be organized and operated exclusively for scientific purposes.
2. PAPSI shall not:

  • a. Pay any compensation, more than a reasonable allowance for salaries or other compensation for personal services rendered.

  • b. Engage in any other transaction which results in a substantial diversion of its income or corpus to, any officer, member, or substantial contributor to the organization.
  • By Laws

    Article I. Members
    Section 1. Membership shall be open to all Teachers who shall make formal application to the Secretary, accomplish the membership form, and pay the prescribed dues. The Secretary in agreement with the Convenor has the authority to negotiate special cases on an individual basis.
    Regular Membership – It offers a valuable opportunity for educators and enthusiasts to actively engage in the organization's enriching activities and events. The membership is valid for one year, with the option to conveniently renew annually. As a Regular Member, you gain access to a wide array of benefits, including the privilege to participate in any of PAPSI's activities and events, such as seminars, workshops, webinars, or conferences.
    Section 2. PAPSI shall have the right to refuse any new member or to terminate the membership of an existing member for cause and without prior notice. However, a person whose membership has been terminated or refused may appeal to the PAPSI Convenor.

    Article II. The Officers
    Section 1. The officers of PAPSI are servant leaders. The servant leaders consist of the Convenor, Secretary, and Treasurer.
    Section 2. The duties of the PAPSI officers shall be as follows:

  • a. The Convenor shall preside the training and conferences of PAPSI; shall be the nominal head; shall rule on questions of procedure that may arise; and shall appoint standing and ad hoc committees as needed.

  • b. The Secretary shall maintain the records PAPSI; shall notify the membership of PAPSI of pertinent business; shall be responsible for all general correspondence of PAPSI; shall maintain the membership roster; and shall be the liaison of the annual conference and trainings.

  • c. The Treasurer shall keep financial records and accounts of PAPSI including all monies received and disbursed; shall receive the dues; and shall be responsible for all financial reports required by the business of PAPSI.

  • d. The Training Specialist shall design comprehensive training programs and workshops for the members; shall take charge of conducting training sessions to equip members with the latest pedagogical skills and advancement in science education; and shall ensure that the training content remains relevant, engaging, and aligned with the organization’s objectives.

  • e. The Finance/ Accountant shall oversee financial management and budgeting for the organization; shall maintain accurate records of income, expenses, and financial transactions while ensuring transparency and compliance with financial regulations and reporting.

  • f. The Tax Consultant shall provide expert advice and guidance on tax matters; shall ensure that the organization complies with tax regulations and reporting requirements, while optimizing tax planning strategies to maximize financial efficiency.

  • g. The Creative Designer shall showcase creative expertise by creating visually appealing materials and graphics to promote PAPSI’s events and initiatives; shall design marketing materials, banners, posters, and digital content, ensuring consistent branding and visual identity across all communication channels.
  • Article III. Conference
    Section 1. PAPSI shall hold an annual conference at a time and place set by the Convenor, except when this is contrary to the national interest or public safety. Not more than 25 months shall elapse between conferences.
    Section 2. The membership shall be informed in writing or e-mail of the time and place of the conference not later than one month prior to the conference.

    Article IV. Dues
    Section 1. The Convenor shall be authorized to establish such dues as are compatible with the financial status of PAPSI.
    Section 2. A member in arrears for payment of dues for a period of 6 months shall be dropped from the membership roll.

    Article V. Fiscal Year
    Section 1. The fiscal year of PAPSI shall embrace the period from January 1st of any year through December 31st of the same year.